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As featured in the Daily Mail You magazine, Country Life, the Daily Mirror, Baby Hampshire and Baby Surrey, Health Magazine, Mums Magazine, Angels & Urchins and SW Magazine

Originally created for the treatment of eczema and chicken pox, Magic Cream can be used for many different skin conditions and everyday ailments.  It can be used on all ages (from 2 months) and on all skin types (inlcuding on sensitive and broken skin). 

Made with the essential oils of Organic Wild Lavender and Organic German Chamomile, it is beautifully light and quickly absorbed.  It comes in two sizes - a convenient 50ml pot for handbag and travel or 100ml for around the home.

Due to current regulations, I am not permitted to name any conditions for which you might use it. Some information is available under client comments and reviews, but for full information about the many uses of this product, please call me or e-mail


Aqua, Caprylic/capric triglyceride, Glyceryl steareate and PEG 100 stearate, Phenoxyethanol, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Benzyl alcohol, Tocopherol acetate, Jojoba, Potassium sorbate, Aloe barbadensis, Glycerin, Citric Acid, Organic Wild Lavender (lavandula vera), Organic German Chamomile (matricaria chamomilla).

Client Reviews

"Hello Emma. Just wanted to thank you for the Magic cream. It arrived the next day and smoothed my daughter's chickenpox with the first application. She felt much better the same day. The cream is truly exceptional! I would sincerely suggest this product to anyone with skin irritation. Wonderful product. Thank you Emma!!" - Ilze Rupeika

"Magic cream is just fantastic, soothing the itch of chicken pox and aiding faster healing - really can't express enough how good this product is!" - Karen Jeffery 

"My daughter has suffered with eczema for the past 5 years. Any creams and ointments prescribed by doctors or products used from various specialist shops have either not worked at all or caused a lot of irritation to her skin.  Your magic cream really is MAGIC!  I am so impressed with it - within a couple of days of using it twice a day, my daughter's skin has vastly improved.  She feels amazing and I can't thank you enough!  I have been recommending you to so many people, you have made such a big difference to her and I as a parent am so thankful!!!" - Zoe Ellison

"Hi Emma, sorry for the delay in writing but I wanted to check that the magic cream actually worked and I am happy to report that it does! I put some on my son and the effect was immediate! The itching stopped completely after 24 hours. He only had 1 day off from school and that was the day I was waiting for the cream to arrive. I will certainly be recommending your product to others and thank you once again." - Ayisha Ajikobi

"Dear Emma, I bought your wonderful Magic Cream for my baby Grandson who had developed baby eczema.  Within a day of use, the rash started to recede and is now held in check.  My son and daughter-in-law are so impressed with Magic Cream they are extolling its virtues to all.  Thank you so much for the very prompt service which saw the cream delivered to my son the day after ordering and hence brought welcome relief to my distressed little Grandson.  Brilliant Magic Cream, have recommended it to so many people" - Gloria Bone

"Hi Emma, thank you for the prompt service. The cream arrived today and my son's skin is already looking the best it has in days and most importantly feels a lot better. The cream really does live up to it's name.  I work in an Infant School and won't  hesitate to recommend this great product if any of our kiddies get chicken pox ( or just have sensitive skin)" - Jo, Hampshire

"Thanks very much for your excellent service and advice.  She finds the cream extremely helpful - they both suffer from eczema too, so it's a 2 in 1 for us.  Excellent, personslised, quick service hard to come by these days, much appreciated" - Jas Bharj

"Hi Emma, the cream is amazing - truly MAGIC.  Thank you. I will be ordering again & recommending to everyone" - Francesca O'Keeffe

"Hi Emma, just wanted to say I've got the cream and tried it on Finley ( and myself..couldn't resist!) Its really soothed him and carried on soothing him after the lavender bath no itchiness at all after using the magic cream amazing stuff!! We just need to find a cure for the tonsilitis and he's managed to lose his first tooth! It's all going on in our house lol. Thank you so much you provide a brilliant service as well as amazing lotion" Sarah Ward

"Hello Emma. I wanted to thank you once again for the Magic cream. Now we are free of chickenpox. I can`t imagine how we would have survived without the Magic cream" - Ilze Rupeika

"The Magic Cream is absolutely brilliant. We used it for my granddaughter’s eczema and it’s so much better. We had tried every other cream from the doctor but the Magic Cream is the only thing that’s worked. We’re just so pleased to have found something that helps." - Mrs Owen

"I am using the Magic Cream to treat my shingles as I heard how good it was for chickenpox. So far it seems to have kept all irritation at bay which is a godsend, thankyou" - Jill Martin

"Hi Emma, we bought your magic cream 1 week ago for our 6 month old son who has been suffering with severe eczema.  We cannot believe the results.  Before the cream, he was really unsettled, unhappy, itchy, his skin was red raw and broken - it was awful to see and awful for him.  One week of your cream and the eczema is nearly gone, we have a happier, more settled baby - no itching or tearing his skin off. It has changed our life - we tried everything and was at the doctors every week.   We just want to say a huge thank you and will be ordering your cream on a regular basis.  Many thanks again" - Mr and Mrs Ash

"I have only tried your magic cream which I bought for a type of acne on my face. Prescription meds didn't do the trick (in fact they made it worse) so I got to googling things & came across your magic cream. It cleared it up a treat - thank you. Now use the cream for many ailments! I will always make sure I have some to hand" - Susan Lockyer

"I've used your products since early this year after contacting you regarding my granddaughter's chicken pox (a Magic cream complete success story, by the way).  I'm  delighted to have found your wonderful products which are so natural and don't set off any of my many allergies and have the added bonus of making me feel so nurtured and deliciously pampered.  A big thank you from me". - Anon

"My dad got me it when I was younger and still love it.  Always buy this whenever it runs out!" - Yasmin, Bradford

"May I just add that I bought your cream for a skin condition in my face stubble called Lichen Planopilaris, most commonly found in the scalp. Have been to dermatologists and used all the creams.  Been using your cream 3 times a day for the past 2 months and I've seen drastic changes. Really happy about it.  Thank you.  Also one of my twin daughters of 7 months had very bad nappy rash to a point where it was slightly bleeding. We used steroid cream for over a week and on a Friday my wife said it's not working and that she was going to bring her back to the doctors on Monday. I told her to try your cream over the weekend. We are both in shock. The rash has gone from very red to pink. And still improving. Again I tip my hat to you" - Martin Leonard

"Magic cream has been excellent for my son's recent flare up of ezcema when his previously good natural cream failed this time. Thank you" - Nicola Smith

"Your magic cream had been absolutely fantastic in helping clear up both my children after the chicken pox, my 3 year old daughter had them particularly bad and her little face was covered, I was so worried about how she would heal, happy to say 3 weeks on and after using magic cream she barely has a mark left on her face, fantastic!  Thank you so much" - Carla Watson

"Hi Emma, I love the website!  I first came across your products when you came to do a potion party for my daughter's birthday in 2011. The girls loved making their own body lotion or bubble bath, adding the fragrances like mini scientists. I have used your magic cream for everything, and it does what it says on the tin!  Its magic! I've used it on everything from stings, mystery rashes on the children's skin (and mine) and it just disappears.  My friend got stung on her leg this summer when a wasp flew up her skirt and l whipped out my handbag size pot of magic cream, she was amazed! Thank you" - Clare Nicastro

"Simply Love your Products for children and babies Emma. He is  very sensitive and your bubble bath, cleanser and magic cream calm any flare ups immediately" - Hannah Miller

"The cream is amazing for insect bites - takes the heat out of them and already the children are shouting for "the magic cream!" - Mandy Gibson

"I used this when my sons had chicken pox, and it really is the most amazing product out there! My younger son in particular had a really terrible bout of chicken pox and we managed to get him through it with virtually no scratching and no scarring. I would recommend that every mum in the land keeps a pot of this on standby as it is worth every penny" - Susan Halil

"My son finds this helps with dryness and itchiness related to eczema on his legs and wrists. Emma was particularly helpful in enabling me to place my order online - thank you" - Caroline Clark

"Dear Emma, It is with sincere gratitude that I write this email.  Your magic cream has changed our lives. My daughter hasn't slept uninterrupted by eczema in the last three months. She managed 6 hours sleep the other day.   She is happier which means the world to my husband and I.  Thank you" - Erina Guma

"I have been spreading the word!  When yesterday an employee came into work with grazes to his legs following a football injury and I heard one of the girls shout for the magic cream I knew my work was done!!" - Frances Ralley

"Bought this cream for my 3 year old grand daughter who suffers from eczema and it worked like magic.  Excellent product. Stocking up due to going away on holiday and want to keep her skin clear. Thank you so much - this magic cream really is a life saver" - Lorna Davis

"Your Magic Cream is amazing and has been the only cream I have found to reduce the tight 'crispy' feeling after my face has had contact with water after showering! It is a life saver.
Thanks" - Jenny Seely

 "My grandson has used your Magic Cream for almost 2 years now and it has always cleared his problems in the 'nappy area' straight away, even after diarrhoea.  It always does the trick & your service is excellent.  Your speedy delivery has been a tremendous help too" - Anon

"I bought a tub of magic cream for my son's eczema about 2 weeks ago (after speaking to you on the phone) and applied 3 - 4 times a day - it looks the best it has in 2 years (was using hydro cortisone and diprobase)" -Denny Hesler

"Magic cream is so useful. When my son had chicken pox it gave him some relief. Whenever he itches, from washing powder rash or whatever reason I use it and the itch goes. His little brother has an unexplained itchy rash that comes up every evening and this cream works really well to stop him getting worked up. He is a terror. It lasts ages too."- Sarah Sedley

"Great creams that have help loads with  my eczema which I have suffered with for years! Even better is the fact that Emma is willing to talk over emails and find the right product with you.  Well done" - Jennifer Wright

"I ordered your Magic Cream when a bout of Chicken Pox was at my daughter's school and since she suffers a little with eczema I bought some to be prepared. I have not needed it for chicken pox as she did not catch it but on holiday, after using a sun cream which really did not agree with her, the magic cream was the only thing that soothed and helped. Also, I purchased a pot for my father having read feedback that it helps gout and he has barely suffered since." - Samantha Day

"I'm on holiday at the moment and I always bring a pot with me! It's so good for soothing the kids after a day in the pool.  Excellent service. Always such prompt responses to questions. I have recommended this website to others" - Lisa Scrutton

"My son is definitely getting better all thanks to your cream. Magic cream is the only thing that keeps him from itching and he's getting more sleep at night. Thank you so very much!  The bath products seem to be helping him too.  Many thanks" - Vyna Shetty

"Ordered before - Magic Cream is simply the best. Thanks Emma" - Anon

"Magic Cream does what it says on the can, "Magic!" ordered a larger Tub this time...many many thanks" - Stanley Browne

"Hi Emma I found out about your magic cream when searching for some help for my grandson's eczema as we had tried every cream going.   We tried your magic cream and it is brilliant and we are ordering some more.  We also use it for lots of other things - there is no wonder you called it magic cream I will be ordering some more soon"  - Linda Matthews

"Peter my brother has been really pleased with the improvement to his hands. He suffers with psoriasis. He keeps one pot at work and one for home!   I gave the cream to my two sons too, 26 and 23 for the first time two years ago. My boys still rate it as wonderful for their hands.They both have trouble with their hands when stressed and both think it really helps" - Anon

"I have ordered the magic cream several times as my granddaughter who is 2 and a half years old suffers eczema. This cream has been a lifesaver for her and helps take away her itching as well as moisturising her skin. Better by far than using steroid creams I would say. Thank you for making this little magic pot available!" - Sylvia Cataldo

"The miracle cream is wonderful. I had a rash on my leg which I could not budge with different lotions and potions offered by my GP. I saw your cream advertised in a magazine and started using it on a daily basis. I don't know how long it took to work as I just realised one day the rash had gone and it has not returned. We use it in our house, for cuts, bites, rashes, sunburn, well everything really and I know it won't irritate. I recommend it to all my friends". - Frances Ralley

"A quick note of thanks for the cream, I received it this morning and applied it on Isabella straight away.  What a lovely smell and amazing texture!  It really was a pleasure applying it.  Even Isabella loved applying it to her own spots!   My sincere thanks for your professionalism, advice and amazing speed of getting the cream to me"- Claudine Badawi

"Good morning Emma, I just wrote to tell you that your cream works perfectly for herpes zoster (shingles - of course, as it's the same with chicken pox) and also Gout.  My husband has suffered for years from gout and I tried the cream which really soothes and reduces the discomfort. And what's more your cream - contrary to the other products I have used - works from the first time you use it. I mean that you don't have to wait  days or weeks to see results. The moment you apply it on the person who suffers, they feel relieved and the results are obvious within minutes (or hours the longest)!! Aspasia Stefanaki

 "Love your products!! Your magic cream totally cleared up my daughters eczema and we use the top to toe cleanser for all members of the family" Nicole Davenport

"I love the Magic Cream.  I have used it for 4 years now - it is indispensable. Also the Frankincense and Rose night cream. I always recommend you to people as I have first hand experience of just how good your products are" - Gloria Bone

"Hi Emma Brilliant Magic Cream, Bubble Bath and Cleanser for my granddaughter with very sensitive skin (eczema)" Anon

"Using the cream on Aiyana's neck, you probably won't be surprised to hear that it was very successful and it greatly reduced the visibility of her rash. After previously sampling various creams diagnosed and advised by the Doctors, the Magic Cream has had the best impact" - Luke Edwards

"A friend lent me some after a psoriasis patch appeared on my neck and got redder and redder and itchy and didn't show any sign of easing. After one application of magic cream it started to dry up and within 48 hours had virtually gone! I have successfully used Magic Cream on psoriasis, ecxema, acne and now recommend it to all my friends" - Jane

"My 10 year old daughter has suffered with eczema all her life and has been prescribed lots of different creams but she would say that they hurt or stung when we applied them, that was until her nanny brought her a pot of magic cream, this gives her relief and I have now purchased her 2nd pot. Thank you Magic Cream. Your cream is truly magical and the only thing that soothes my daughter's skin" - Sarah Winchester

"I have a severe allergy to all crylates, in liquid or stable forms [eg fabric]. This week I developed an aggressive rash on neck and shoulder. I have been prescribed steroid creams, antihistamines etc in past to no avail. This time I was given oral steroids and a sample of your cream [Nightingale Surgery]. Within 12 hours the rash has calmed down significantly- a first. The cream has been wonderful" - Julia Felton

"Well we have used magic cream for a few days now and it's amazing ,the eczema's almost completely gone.  Your products are fab!!!!" - Jane Wareing

"My nan bought me this years ago when I had bad eczema, nothing else worked but this cleared it up!! Thank you!" - Anon

"I love this cream. It has so many uses and it always works!" - April Griffiths

"Brilliant, thank you Emma - it is keeping my recent eczema under control as the eczema is on my face and nothing else has been gentle enough" - Sarah Chubb

"My daughter bought your cream for my granddaughter's eczema and it was wonderful.  My son is 21 and has developed rather a lot of spots on his face.   We have tried lots of products but none seem to help and I thought you may be able to offer a product for this" (Answer - Magic Cream) - Glenda Hilton

"Dear Emma, Many thanks for the super-fast delivery which I have received today. Your magic cream is the only thing that works when I have a psoriasis flare-up. I ordered two pots so that I can give one to my lovely daughter-in-law who has eczema" - Isabel Cottrell

 "I bought this product for my two year old grandson who has recently suffered with eczema and chicken pox. My daughter has found this to be a great healing cream for our grandson, where the scabs quickly disappeared". - Pauline Wignell

"I bought a small jar with no hope that it would help with a facial rash I have suffered for 12 months. I began to see an improvement within 4 days and continue to see improvement daily". - Hazel Gallagher

"Hello Emma We just love the products that we have ordered. I will be taking 'magic cream' when I visit my granddaughter in Australia for Christmas" -Janet W

"I found Magic Cream to be the only effective thing to calm the chicken pox for my eldest son! Now my middle one is showing signs I'm re-ordering before it gets too bad!! Thank you!!!....It's a gorgeous cream! Since I left those comments actually, my middle son turned out to have shingles all around his neck and while the blisters were there it was too painful for me to apply the cream, but now they're healing it seems to help with the itchy scabs! I've also been able to use it on my youngest son who caught chicken pox from the shingles and has suffered head to toe with blisters (awful in the heat we've had and at 10 months old) so it's been a real help for him too!  Thanks again" - Anon

"Hi Emma, I bought this fantastic cream for my son's spots.  It really works, far calmer, and because it works he actually wants to use it .I am now ordering it for his brother.  Many thanks." Julia Besse

"Thank you for such FAST delivery of the hand cream! My husband is rather put out that I didn't get him a new pot of Magic Cream at the same time. So I promised I would.  Love that rose and frankincense! My husband uses the Magic Cream for his eczema and finds it better than the harsh prescriptions he was given". - Roberta Davies

"Thank God I read your article in the newspaper years ago and I always remembered it. So far very good. Me and the wife are very pleased with your Magic Cream.  The price is very good and service excellent" - Harman Bahra

"Bought Magic Cream after recommendation and within 2 days it had totally calmed down my acne. Wonderful. I absolutely love the Magic Cream and would thoroughly recommend it to anyone with skin problems" - Shelley Clements

"Extremely helpful. Used the magic cream in the past which has been very effective" - Sharon Wharton

"I have used this cream since my daughter (now 8) had eczema as baby. We use it much less now as it works such a treat, but we always have a pot in the house. The whole family loves it and I always recommend to friends who love it too. You are never allowed to stop making it!!" - Julie Fowles-Smith

"I buy magic cream for my 20 month old granddaughter's eczema - we are very pleased with the result" - Anthony Banfield

"I love your Magic Cream and it truly works wonders on almost everything" - Palwinder Jeffery

"Hi Emma, I would just like to drop you a quick line to say a HUGE thank you from the whole Hills family. I recently purchased a tub of your Magic Cream and it truly is "Magic"!! My son Finley is 3 years old and developed a patch of eczema on his calf. We had tried everything. We purchased some Magic Cream and received it the very next day. We applied it to our son's leg that night and by the morning the redness had reduced to the best it ever had!! It stops his itching almost immediately and because it is all natural, he can apply it himself. The cream rubs in really well and smells nice - which helps when using it on a child" - Kellie Hills

"Excellent, only product that i can use that does not affect my liitle boys' skin" - Anon

"I have kept forgetting to tell you but your magic cream worked complete wonders when my two children had the chicken pox six weeks ago. Honestly, neither of mine scratched at all (despite having the spots in their ears, hair, mouth and on my daughter's eyebrows and eyes) and they've only got three scars between them. Brilliant stuff - thank you!" - Jessie Carter

"If you have children, always have some of this cream to hand. I use it for nappy rash, eczema, all their scrapes and bruises and I couldn’t have survived chicken pox without it." - Abi Birch

"Love your product!" - Jo Foster

"I buy your top to toe wash and your magic cream and it is fantastic it is the only product that does not irritate my toddler's skin!" - Anon

"Just to say your magic cream arrived on Friday and it's working already. I have some blemishes on my face and at 34 I thought it was time they were banished. The only thing that is doing the trick is your magic cream. It's fantastic. My daughter had really bad eczema since she was born and all the hospital creams, doctors' creams and any other cream on the market just didn't budge it. I tried your magic cream and within a few days it was drying up. Thank you very much for developing something that really does work. It has made my life a whole lot better." - Joanne Lloyd

"I have used Magic cream for a number of years now, I won't buy any other product. I love it. - Charlotte Garner

"Your Magic Cream is magic. I broke some bones in my hand a couple of years ago and I have lingering discomfort. I rub the Magic Cream on my hands at night and wake to find all the aches and pains have gone." - Steve Martin

"Thank you very much Emma!!!  It has been a life saver & my little boy constantly asks for the Magic Cream!"  - Rebecca Barnes

"I have previously bought this magic cream from you and found it very soothing and great to use.  Supplies running low so have ordered another one for emergency use" - Ling Wan

"Have bought magic cream from you regularly - wouldn't be without it" - Sandra Stribley

"A badly set elbow broken in the 50s left me with arthritis. With Magic Cream, I just forget the pain." - Marie Hill

"Returning customer - love the Magic Cream" - Carolyn

Media Reviews

"Whenever my eczema-prone hands are in need of rescue, I turn to Emma Arkell Aromatherapy Magic Cream.  Gentle, easily absorbed and packed with natural ingredients, it can be used on babies and children too" - You Magazine, Mail on Sunday, April 2013

"Emma first started making natural products for eczema in 2002.   It was her own daughter’s very severe eczema that inspired her to create these remedies, using her expertise as an Aromatherapist and having unsuccessfully tried every available remedy from the doctor.  The eczema cleared in a few days. This inspired Emma to create a Collection of products whose primary purpose was medicinal – though with beautiful aromas – with an emphasis on treatments for skin problems, especially eczema.   Her signature product is the Magic Cream – a very versatile cream that can be used on all age groups and those with sensitive skin.  As well as eczema, it works very effectively on psoriasis, spots, acne, boils, chicken pox, ulcers, cuts, insect bites, stings, burns, rashes, prickly heat, sunburn, molloscum, dry skin, stretch marks, scars, nappy rash and athlete’s foot.

Apart from the Magic Cream, all of Emma’s Little People Collection are for the treatment of eczema and include a bubble bath (Bathtime Fun), a soap/shampoo (Top to Toe Cleanser) and a moisturiser (Lavender Balm).    These products – as well as Emma’s delicious Chamomile & Lavender Bath Oil, may also be used for the treatment of adult eczema and other skin problems." - Health Magazine, Spring 2013

"New Relief for Eczema Sufferers...
Our designer Hayley Warren has suffered with severe eczema since she was two years old, so when we hear about Emma Arkell's new range of health products, designed specifically for poeple with skin conditions, she decided to put them to the test. "The magic cream (£15.00) felt lovely and soothing and thanks to Bathtime Fun (£12.00) I have now been able to enjoy a bubble bath for the first time in years!" - Baby Hampshire, Spring 2011

"A very versatile cream that can be used on babies and children for all their holiday ailments. Treating everything from eczema to earache, bruising to burns, bites and stings to scrapes and scratches, heat rash to nappy rash, it's quickly absorbed and non-greasy. Quite simply, don't leave home without it". - Baby Hampshire Magazine, Summer 2008

"I set up a business to cure my girl’s eczema.... People realised [the Magic Cream] could be used not only for eczema and psoriasis in children but for adults too and for many conditions including chicken pox, rashes, cuts, stings and sores…" - The Daily Mirror, 24 October 2006

"A cream for all seasons.... Carry it in your bag for all eventualities: minor, but irritating eczema, chicken pox, insect bites, cuts, bruises, dry skin – even to relieve congestion. The Magic Cream contains "the big four" ingredients of lavender, tea tree, chamomile and eucalyptus. All these oils on their own are incredibly effective at treating a wealth of conditions. Combined, they work really well and that’s why this cream is so versatile and so effective. The biggest plus is that it can be used on babies and very young children." - Angels & Urchins, Autumn 2006

"At last, I think I may have found the perfect gardener’s hand cream. Magic Cream from Emma Arkell Aromatherapy is deeply moisturising, rapidly absorbed and smells lightly of lavender. It also has essential oils of chamomile, eucalyptus and tea tree. With its claimed antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, it seems an ideal horticultural hand salve." - Country Life, 23 March 2006

"SW’s favourite aromatherapist, Emma Arkell, has added some new lines to her collection…. The special recommendation from SW is Emma’s Magic Cream which is a highly effective antibacterial and antiseptic cream – which smells heavenly and works wonders on problem skin." - SW Magazine, July 2004



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